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Manta Ray, Majestic, Gigantic, Powerful Sea Creatures


The Collossal Manta Ray

Manta Ray_sanctuaries.nos.noaa,gov_Kaile Tsapis

The Manta Ray (aka; stingray, devil ray) is the largest of the rays with the largest known to man spanning 25-feet across (7.6m) and weighing up to 5000 pounds (2300kg).  They roam the tropical waters throughout the world, usually around the coral reefs.

Manta RayOnly large ocean predators mainly prey on the Manta, like hungrey sharks and orcas. They use their large wings for defense to pack a powerful punch though. With 300 rows of peg-like teeth, these gentle giants are considered harmless unless provoked or startled. Their non-functional teeth are not used for feeding, they are filter feeders that use protruding fins on the head (which look like horns) to funnel plankton-rich water into the mouth through gill rakers that filter the plankton out for meals.

Mantas are extremely curious and frequently befriend scuba divers. They are known to breach the waters and soar into the air.

These majestic, gigantic, powerful, graceful and magnificent sea creatures are on the red list of endangered species.

Manta RaySign on today and show your support…



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