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East Coast Team Rider Fisher Heverly Interview


Gone Fishin’

Fisher Heverly airing it out at Avalon Pier, N.C. Matt Lusk

North Carolina has it all. Whether you’re into the “country” feel of the Hatteras or the “town” aspects of the Wilmington/Wrightsville area, you’ve got some nice lifestyle and surfing options. But that’s not all the Tarheel State has to offer. There’s a little area tucked into the southern facing coast of the Southern Outer Banks known as the Crystal Coast. Within that stretch is Emerald Isle, which produces some serious surfers, none the least of which are the Heverly brothers.

Roy Heverly named one of his boys Hunter, who is 21, and the other Fisher Heverly, 20. Gives you a pretty good idea of his priorities. And in between running fishing charters all summer and shooting stuff in the winter, the boys have quietly become two of the most talented juniors on the East Coast.

Earlier this summer, it was announced that Fisher would get a slot in the Quiksilver Pro New York Unsound Trials. It made some people step back. Besides Empire State superstar, Balaram Stack, who gets a wildcard into the main event, Fisher is the only East Coaster on the Quik pro team these days.

Of course, he doesn’t have the same name recognition as Clay Marzo, Craig Anderson, or Aritz Aranburu. But Fisher Heverly is an ESA and NSSA East Coast Champ who also rocked the boat at Nationals for a few years. He took second to Rob Machado earlier this summer at the Reef Sweetwater Pro. And like most Tarheel surfers, he loves sick, heaving pits. Meet Fisher Heverly.

ESPN:Your name is Fisher and your brother is Hunter. What’s going on down there?
Fisher Heverly: Yep. Pretty redneck, I reckon. Right now im out in California, getting dialed for these trials in New York and some other contests coming up. Pretty much just surfing all day down at Lowers and loving it.

Where are you staying in California?
Right now I am staying in San Clemente with my friends, Jeff Lukasik and Chase Brady. I have been staying either here or at the Quik house in Newport for a few months now, kind of basing out of here and traveling. I love staying in San Clemente. I used to come spend the summers out here when I was younger, then when I got on the U.S. team, I started staying here in the winters instead of going home. It just makes more sense. I can surf a million times more than if I was at home.

Would you say the East Coast has had a pretty uneventful summer so far?
I haven’t been home to much. It’s pretty slow in the middle of summer, but it’s time for the swells to really start coming, and the contests. I would say it’s really all just starting for the summer now.

That's Fisher Heverly of Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Matt Lusk

It did seem like there were waves for the Reef Sweetwater Pro. Was that just luck?
Yeah, those were some of the best waves I have had for a contest in a while. It was pretty lucky. I guess the weeks before were pretty much flat there. I swear that contest has the best luck every year, with some really fun waves.

I imagine it’s pretty rough to come so far in that event and lose to a West Coaster. Guess Machado still has the style, huh?
(Laughing) He definitely still has it. I was watching him from down the beach in the finals, absolutely slaying it. I would have liked to have won, of course. I was just kind of struggling to get a second wave. But it was sick to watch Rob down there. I have not really seen a goofy footer flaring like that — not really even going for airs or anything, just getting the score with his turns which is not too common these days.

You giving surf lessons, working on Dad’s charter boat, or bussing tables this summer?
I’m just surfing. I have been doing a bunch of trips to Mexico and Nicaragua this summer and basically just staying in California. Definitely glad I’m not bussing tables to get by.

Fisher Heverly is good at two things Carolinians take pride in -- chasing fish (imagine that) and charging barrels. Matt Lusk

When did you find out that you would have a trials slot for the Quick Pro NY?
It was in April. I was in Florida for this contest when Chad Wells sent me a text, telling me I was in it. I have pretty much thought about it every day since then. It keeps me motivated. I want to do good for me and for the whole East Coast.

Has there been a lot of conversation about that? There were already two trialists determined. Of the remaining 14, more than half are international surfers compared to only a handful of East Coasters.
Yeah a lot of guys were bummed that Gorkin (Aaron Cormican) and Benny Bourgeois are not in. They are two of the top guys from the East Coast, for sure. There’s kind of been some drama over it. But other than that, everyone is stoked. This is pretty much the biggest thing surfing-wise to ever happen on the East Coast. There were two guys from Florida trying to say me and someone else didn’t deserve a spot — pretty lame really, trying to call us out. I’m pretty sure neither of the guys has seen me surf. I can’t wait to prove them wrong.

How does it feel to be carrying the flag as the lone Quik East Coast rider outside of Balaram Stack?
Feels good. Big thanks to those guys for giving me the opportunity.

Looks like besides the Geiselman brothers, there aren’t a lot of young East Coasters knocking on the door or of the World Tour. Is it something you even think about?
Yeah I do. I think it would be really sick to get in the qualifying events and go for making the tour. I have done a few ASP contests and everything about them is pretty much sick to me.

"I have done a few ASP contests and everything about them is pretty much sick to me," says Heverly. Matt Lusk

Why do you think there are so few guys from this coast making the push?
Well, it’s a lot of work. You have to have a sponsor who wants to push you to do it and that’s really hard to do, living on the East Coast, because the industry really just isn’t over here as much. Also, I dont think you could do it if your spending too much time on the East Coast. The waves just aren’t consistent enough.

North Carolina is one of the few places where you can get meaty barrels without huge crowds. Is it hard to leave that for a 2-star in Brazil? (Laughs) You wouldn’t leave for a 2-star because it wouldn’t even be worth going that far for those few points. But for a 6-star or something, it would be worth it, if that’s really what you’re pushing for. I do hate missing waves at home. If it is good while im gone, I’m always checking the cam and trying to get my friends to send me photos, just to see it.

Do you have the points to get into a 6-star? Wouldn’t it make sense to do a 2-star just to make a few rounds to get into 6-stars next year? After all, there’s only one qualifying event on the whole East Coast.
Yeah I could get into a 6-star in Brazil. In October, Mike Dunphy and I are talking about going down there and doing two. I have never really done any qualifying contests before this year, and I got into a few 4-stars in Mexico and one in El Salvador. I did well enough to where now I can get into a 6-star.

Cool. So, any reason you haven’t moved up to Kitty Hawk or Buxton yet?
It would be way too boring up there. I love my house. I am not really home much, but I would rather be there than Hatteras. We get pretty much the same amount of waves and it’s a little less desolate than Hatteras. I’m pretty good friends with the guys up there. It’s allways good vibes if I’m going up, or when they come down to my house.     By Jon Coen    –    ESPN Sports


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