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Search Results for: dolphins

They Aren’t Always Smiling: Skin Lesions and Deformities Plague Wild Dolphins LOS ANGELES/California Dolphins are top predators, meaning they feed at the top of the food chain. When chemical pollutants settle into seafloor sediments, they are absorbed by a variety of small organisms. Some of these creatures end up in the stomachs of bottom feeders, which, in turn, accumulate higher concentrations of the same contaminants in their body tissues. Every time the contaminants move up the food chain into a …Read More

Taiji Cove/JAPAN Extremely bloody, brutal  hunt, separates dolphin and small whale pods in Taiji Taiji’s annual dolphin slaughter continues even though these horrific inhumane killings have been exposed worldwide over the last few years. It has been reported that five separate pods of Bottlenose dolphins, estimated at approximately 250 individuals, including babies and juveniles have been forced in to Taiji’s killing cove. Families will be facing a “violent and stressful captive selection process.” The catch also includes a rare albino calf who has been clinging …Read More

Hundreds of dolphins may die on East Coast before killer is identified A silent, mysterious plague is claiming the lives of scores of bottlenose dolphins off the mid-Atlantic coast. Over July and August, more than 200 dead or dying dolphins have washed up on beaches from New Jersey to Virginia, and the numbers continue to climb.  The dead include adult animals and calves, males and females. Sometimes, the animals that wash ashore are dead for days. Others arrive on their …Read More

6 Dead Dolphins Wash Up On Jersey Shore Mammal Stranding As Officials await results of necropsies they are investigating the disturbing deaths of six bottlenose dolphins found dead on the New Jersey shore in one week, and the possibility that they may be linked to commercial fishing. The first washed up on Long Beach Township on July 18. Two were found in Holgate and Barnegat Light on Monday. Two more turned up on Wednesday in Holgate and Ocean City. The last was found …Read More

70 Dolphins to Swim Free Thanks to Famous Rescuer Free at last About 70 captive bottle-nose dolphins are awaiting release back into the wide open sea thanks to the efforts of two animal care institutions under the supervision of international dolphin trainer-turned-rescuer Richard O’Barry. Jakarta Animal Aid Network and the Earth Island Institute have built a 90-square-meter sea pen in Karimun Jawa National Park — the world’s largest for a dolphin rehabilitation program — to house the aquatic mammals temporarily before …Read More

Whales Are Back in New York Waters! — Bring Back Whale Research Too!   New York Harbor There’s a lot of excitement in New York over recent news that whales, seals, and dolphins have returned to our waters. They’re showing up in such vast numbers that one ferry boat captain now offers weekend tours so folks can catch a glimpse of humpback, blue, fin, and right whales swimming off New York Harbor.  This is a huge development for marine life …Read More

‘Black Fish’ Ocean Activists Free Cove Dolphins A school of dolphins swim between rays of sunlight. (Photo: Kim Kyung Hoon / Reuters) Divers from The Black Fish, a European conservation organization, claim they swam into the ocean inlet featured in the Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove on Monday night and successfully severed the nets of several dolphins destined for aquariums around the world. The nets are part of the holding pens at the Taiji Whale Museum, the first stop for dolphins …Read More

Rare dolphins in Bago, Pulupandan The coastal waters of Bago City and Pulupandan in Negros Occidental are home to one of the rarest and most threatened species of dolphins, the Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris), Dr. Louella Dolar, who heads a team of scientists documenting their presence, said yesterday. Dolar, a marine biologist from the Tropical Marine Research for Conservation (TMRC) in San Diego, California, U.S.A., and a visiting scientist at the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences (IEMS) of Silliman …Read More

The Cove film to air this summer on Animal Planet Taiji, Japan Animal Planet will air the critically lauded documentary in the first exclusive window after it airs on the Epix multiplatform network operated by Lionsgate.   In his directorial debut, Louis Psihoyos, with producers Fisher Stevens and Paula Dupre Pesmen, follows former Flipper trainer Ric O’Barry’s earnest fight for redemption.  O’Barry – who was an active member of the dolphin entertainment industry in the 1960s – came to realize …Read More

Dolphins send surfers’ hearts racing Surfers meet one of the dolphins yesterday A pod of dolphins surprised surfers at Duranbah. February 22, 2010. Photographer: Michael Ross Looks like a dolphin came by to show us a thing or two about how to surf   Instead of showing the dolphin some of ‘our’ skills everybody freezes up   Ok the dolphin really just want to play with us they like us, a lot   Dolphin is frustrated, wants to show the boys how to do it   …Read More

 Dolphins surfing off the coast of South Africa. Pictures by Greg Huglin With seemingly little effort they tear through the surf, leaping high in the air as they go American photographer Greg Huglin snapped these pictures on the south coast of South Africa Like humans, it is possible the dolphins take to the surf for pure enjoyment. But Mr Huglin believes there could be other reasons behind their attraction to the waves At points some of the more daring dolphins …Read More

Who needs a surf board when you have attitude and great flippers? Dolphins surfing through monster waves gliding effortlessly in the powerful surf off the coast off South Africa Dolphins put surfers to shame as they effortlessly ride waves up to 7.6m (25ft) high in a series of pictures from South Africa by Greg Huglin. The dolphins, in pods of up to 400, crowd into the swell as it breaks, while the more daring leap up to 20ft in the air. …Read More