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  • Large Blooms Of Toxic Red Tide May Devastate Florida Beaches, Wildlife

    Toxic Red Tide Threatens Florida Beaches, Marine Life and Could Devastate Economy KARENIA BREVIS/Toxic Red Tide A massive toxic algae called red tide is killing sea turtles, sharks and fish in the northeast Gulf of Mexico and is threatening the waters and beaches that fuel Florida’s economy. Fishermen who make a living off Florida’s coast are reporting fish kills and reddish water. This particular strain of red tide, called Karenia brevis, is present nearly every year off Florida, but large …Read More

  • ASP Rebrands Professional Surfing Worldwide As WSL 2015

    ASP Changing Name to World Surf League  PROFESSIONAL SURFING Association of Surfing Professionals, CEO Paul Speaker just announced the ASP will rebrand under a new name in 2015 to become the World Surf League (WSL). The ASP has been busy restructuring the organization over the past few years since it was acquired by ZoSea Media which was first announced in October 2012 . It’s been moving and shaking things up ever since including the acquisition of The Big Wave World Tour and the license for the …Read More

  • Hurley Pro and Swatch Women’s Pro On Hold, Poor Surf Conditions

    Hurley Pro, Swatch Women’s Pro at Trestles waiting on swell, big waves coming  LOWER TRESTLES/San Clemente/California, USA Event Update: Sunday morning, 745am No surprise: smaller still again today at Lowers, though it’s a beautiful, late summer morning in Southern California. The long-period south swell that hit Teahupoo on Thursday/Friday filled in to Oahu’s south shores yesterday and today and will slowly creep into SoCal tomorrow. They need 3.5 hours to finish the women’s event, while the men’s need about 20 hours, which …Read More

  • Carlos Munoz’ Amazing Performance Upsets Hurley Pro 2014

    Carlos Munoz steals the show at 2014 Hurley Pro at Trestles  SAN CLEMENTE/California, USA The Central American surfer took off on a last-minute effort to send Gabriel Medina and Adam Melling into the repechage round. With 15 seconds to go, Munoz shows his power surfing skills to claim a decisive 7.73-point ride. “I can’t believe how everything happened. I got this chance; I prepared myself mentally. I heard everybody screaming and I knew I needed a score. I gave my …Read More

  • Earth System Models Show Ocean Acidification To Accelerate At Least Until Mid-Century

    Ocean acidification on the rise, UN climate change study finds  OCEAN ACIDIFICATION The ocean absorbs one-fourth of the world’s carbon emissions, yet that capacity is diminishing fast. That’s according to an annual UN study, known as the Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, out this week from the World Meteorological Organization. That capacity is just 70 percent of what it was at the beginning of the industrial era, and it could go all the way down to 20 percent by the end of …Read More

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Pew Marine Conservation Fellows work in search of new ideas for ocean conservation planning, to keep the ocean and Earth healthy and productive. The ocean is essential to life on Earth.

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Courtesy of the Florida Keys National Marine Sactuary 
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