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  • Billabong Pro Tahiti On Hold, Standby

    Billabong Pro Tahiti on hold second day of competition TAIARAPU/Tahiti, French Polynesia Jaws pumped huge swells Monday as usual for an epic Day 1 opening of competition with big barrels as the Billabong Pro Tahiti kicked off with wave conditions of 10-to-15-foot faces (3-5 metre) at Teahupo’o, producing one of the biggest surfing competition days ever. Stop No. 7 of 11 on the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour challenges the world’s best surfers every year to face the most dangerous waves …Read More

  • Research Team Spots Wild Dolphins With Skin Lesions and Physical Deformities

    They Aren’t Always Smiling: Skin Lesions and Deformities Plague Wild Dolphins LOS ANGELES/California Dolphins are top predators, meaning they feed at the top of the food chain. When chemical pollutants settle into seafloor sediments, they are absorbed by a variety of small organisms. Some of these creatures end up in the stomachs of bottom feeders, which, in turn, accumulate higher concentrations of the same contaminants in their body tissues. Every time the contaminants move up the food chain into a …Read More

  • Surfer Injured During Competition Trials, Horrific Teahupoo Wipeout

    Teahupoo Wipeout TEAHUPOO/Tahiti *From the Sports Desk Notorious break claims first victim as world’s top surfers prepare to battle at Teahupoo in World Tour event… A young surfer who suffered a horrific wipe-out at one of the world’s most notorious big wave venues is in “good spirit’’ after undergoing four hours of surgery for multiple head injuries sustained during competition trials at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Kevin Bourez was flung headfirst into the razor-sharp reef which will host the next leg of the …Read More

  • Surf’s Up! Baby Seal Catches Waves Playing With Surfers

    Baby Seal jumps on surfboard, he surfs too! UNITED KINGDOM/Amble, Northumberland A couple of surfers got an unexpected surprise when a little visitor popped up while surfing. The moment a seal surprised two surfers by joining them riding the waves has been captured on camera. A baby seal decided something was looking like a lot of fun frolicking in the water so he decided to ride along and play with some surfers. The amazing encounter was all caught on GoPro video camera. …Read More

  • Hog Ten! Meet Kama Hawaii’s Surfing Pig

    Meet Kama The Hawaiian Surfing Pig… on GoPro video OAHU/Hawaii Yes,  that’s  a  pig  on  a  surfboard. Sandy Beach, Hawaii, known as a personal favorite of Oahu-born U.S. President Barack Obama, is also gaining notoriety for a unique celebrity. Kama the Pig, the official mascot of Sandy Beach, is making headlines with this new GoPro that shows him surfing the famous Hawaiian waves. Kama, who wandered into the lives of owner Kai Holt and his family while on a camping …Read More

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Pew Marine Conservation Fellows work in search of new ideas for ocean conservation planning, to keep the ocean and Earth healthy and productive. The ocean is essential to life on Earth.

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Courtesy of the Florida Keys National Marine Sactuary 
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