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  • Amazing Deep-Sea Discovery Finds Longest-Living Octopus

    Longest-Living Octopus Found, Guards Eggs for Record 4.5 Years Graneledone Boreopacifica: Writing in the journal PloS One If you thought nine months was long, consider watching over your eggs for four and half years—only to die at the end. A deep-sea octopus, Graneledone boreopacifica, has set a new record for brooding stamina—53 months, the longest developmental period known for any organism, according to a study published July 30 in the journal PLOS ONE. This beats the 14 months on record for …Read More

  • Scientists Emphasize Crucial Need for Effective, Sustainable Deep-Sea Management

    Biogeosciences Review: Researchers Highlight Importance of Deep-Sea Conservation Science and Deep Sea Conservation As fishing and the harvesting of metals, gas and oil have expanded deeper and deeper into the ocean, scientists are drawing attention to the services provided by the deep sea, the world’s largest environment. “This is the time to discuss deep-sea stewardship before exploitation is too much farther underway,” says lead-author Andrew Thurber. In a review published today in Biogeosciences, a journal of the European Geosciences Union …Read More

  • Surf Snowdonia! Wave Garden Technology Creates Perfect Barrels, Wave Consistency

    The World’s First Lake With Artificial Waves Will Make Perfect Barrels Every Minute GREAT BRITAIN/Conwy Valley, North Wales There are plenty of great waves at North Shore, but a good barrel is hit or miss in Great Britain. Lucky for surfing enthusiasts and those dreaming of riding water, that’s about to change. Surf Snowdonia is building the world’s first Wavegarden, an artificial surfing lagoon, at Snowdonia National Park in Wales. It will be located in Dolgarrog, in the beautiful Conwy …Read More

  • Costa Rica’s Rich Marine Biodiversity Devastated By Pirate Fisherman

    Illegal fishing: 21st-century pirates plunder treasures of Costa Rica’s seas PACIFIC OCEAN/Cocos Island, Costa Rica Pirate Fishing Damian Carrington joins a patrol boat on a hunt for pirate vessels looting the Cocos Island’s natural wealth. It’s just after dawn and on the gleaming Pacific Ocean, 365 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, the hunt is on for pirates. But these 21st-century buccaneers are looting the treasure beneath the waves, not the gold and silver coins buried long ago on …Read More

  • Ecover, Tesco Partner To Collect, Recycle Ocean’s Plastic Garbage

    Washing-up liquid bottle made from ocean plastic aims to clean up seas *new bottle set to launch later this month in UK in partnership with Tesco* UNITED KINGDOM/Ocean Pollution Green cleaning brand Ecover to unveil packaging innovation to highlight long-term dangers of dumping plastic in ocean The world’s first washing-up liquid bottle made from reclaimed ocean plastic is to go on sale in UK supermarkets later this month. The green cleaning brand Ecover will use the launch of its new Ocean …Read More

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Pew Marine Conservation Fellows work in search of new ideas for ocean conservation planning, to keep the ocean and Earth healthy and productive. The ocean is essential to life on Earth.

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Courtesy of the Florida Keys National Marine Sactuary 
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